manifesto-450-1000This is the online platform of the DDD Manifesto Community. The manifesto currently has an eclectic community of over 400 signatories from 60 countries. The forum on this website offers a platform for discussion amongst the community members. The blog includes posts from community members and the videos feature presentations from the DDD workshop. We welcome you to join and contribute to this growing conversation.


Our Story

In August 2014 a few of us decided to hold a meeting with people whom we knew were already ‘doing development differently’, and who were closely engaged with development processes that were dynamic and seemed to have a real impact — on relationships, results, service delivery, and well-being.

We held a workshop in late October 2014 and were inspired by the 13 stories that were showcased. They all conveyed similar messages: people were doing development close to the ground; focused on solving problems that local agents in governments and communities cared about; through step-by-step processes in which many lessons were learned. Solutions emerged through learning and adaptation, given many small bets that built—gradually in some cases but often faster than one could imagine—into big and far reaching change processes. With results that included both hard improvements in people’s lives and softer gains such as better trust, greater engagement and empowerment.

At the end of the meeting, the participants agreed that we needed to form a community—to offer support, share lessons, and to inspire each other and beyond. Many of the participants suggested that we develop a ‘Manifesto’ to communicate our belief and offer a foundation to expand its membership.

We published The DDD Manifesto in late November, welcoming others to join our community. Over the last three weeks, we have received over 400 signatories from 60 countries hailing from bilateral organizations, multilaterals, governments, academia, ngos, private sector, as well as independent development practitioners. These are the founding members of The DDD Manifesto Community. It is an eclectic community, and one that we think will be full of ideas and conversation—not always easy and often full of colorful opinion and even disagreement.

As a next step, we decided to launch this website, to facilitate conversations amongst The DDD Manifesto Community. We expect these conversations to emerge through forums and individual stories of past and current experience, as well as new questions and challenges. As these conversations emerge you should expect to see the website adapt; we are in a beta stage here; trying something quickly, expecting to learn, and very eager to adapt and improve.

Matt Andrews, Leni Wild, Marta Foresti and Salimah Samji
(Acting hosts for The DDD Manifesto Community)