Doing Development Differently: Addressing corporate and professional incentives within donor agencies

The Asia Foundation’s Philippines office hosted the second “Doing Development Differently” workshop in collaboration with the UK’s Overseas Development Institute on April 27 to 28, 2015. The objective of the workshop was to explore innovative ways to use DDD in practice, and help development agencies draw insights from examples and to apply these lessons in other contexts. These videos are from the funding differently session. You can view the agenda for more information.

Paul Bossyns, from BTC discusses how they intervene in complex systems where outcomes and impacts cannot be determined beforehand. This leads to a problem driven as opposed to a results driven approach. They use the art of muddling through, starting with small steps and constantly revise their working hypothesis. They work with a 12 year horizon.

Bill Cole, from The Asia Foundation discusses how they used conditions to shift mindsets within their organization to do development differently. These conditions were that the teams needed to work on something important/relevant to the country, they only had 2-3 years to get real results, were given a small amount of money, and had to take part in an M&E system. Other than that they had complete freedom to determine how to achieve their goals.

Andrew Egan, from DFAT’s innovationXchange, discusses how they are trying to inject more agile and flexible ways of working thus creating space for creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. He discusses the key principles they use as well as the problems they face.


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