How to clean a farmhouse sink properly
December 27, 2020

How to clean a farmhouse sink properly?

By Brennan Price

Farmhouse sinks are a great looking addition to any kitchen cabinet setup. They’re highly popular among hobbyists. Depending on the build material, a sink can be of quite a hefty price tag. All these fade if the sink isn’t taken well cared for.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes there are few ways to keep your farmhouse sink in shape but they aren’t so complicated. Just follow the article for a list of simple ideas you can put to use to keep your sink in the best shape, always.

A 6 step guide on cleaning your farmhouse sink

How to clean a farmhouse sink

Step 1 – Use mild cleaning agents.

Not all cleaning material will be fine with your sink. Some will react and create abrasive marks on the basin. Try to avoid powdered cleaning agents since you’ll need to use more abrasions to work with these.

A good idea can be using soft, liquid forms of cleaners. They’re softer on your hand as well. They don’t require much harsh movement and can be safer for the sink porcelain. Also avoid hard substances such as bleaching and so.

Step 2 – Keep the sink clean

The more time you give stains to stay, the harder you make the cleaning task harder on yourself. It feels like you can leave that hard to remove stain now and deal with that later. But in fact what you’re doing is letting the stain get permanent on the basin.

Clean a farmhouse sink

Every time you use the sink, clean all the stains immediately. In this way you’re not only doing the task when it’s the easiest but also saving the basin from long term permanent markings.

Step 3 – using plastic to scrape leftovers

Dried food particles sometimes get stuck in the corners where the cabinet top and the sink meet. You can use some water, soap and a cloth to clean the leftovers. A plastic can be helpful. But never use metal items. They will create hollow corners underneath the sink which will look ugly.

A farmhouse sink

Step 4 – Use good brushes

Some people use hard, abrasive brushes while cleaning on the sink. Those brushes can remove the top layer of the porcelain basin and make the sink look split in places.

clean a farmhouse sink

You should always use soft cloth or mellow bristle brushes. They’re not harmful for the sink. You can allow the dishes to be soaked for some time before washing to ensure a greater cleaning as you use soft brush instead of the hard ones.

Step 5 – Baking Soda

Some stains are hard to get by. In cases like these, you can mix a small amount of baking soda with a little water. Get the mixture on the stain and allow for it to settle for sometime. The stain will get soft in no time and you can clean it easily.

Step 6 – Dry wiping

Everytime you use your sink, wash it well with water first and afterwards dry it with a clean cloth. You see many sinks that are taken well cared for but still have dirty water marks just because of missing this step. With a clean dry cloth, wipe all the water.

Dry wiping


Q – Are farmhouse sinks hard to keep clean?

Ans  – Not really. If you regularly do some care, they’re very easy to keep in good design and shape.

clean a farmhouse sink

Q – Do white farmhouse sinks stain or scratch?

Ans – Yes they do. In Fact they stain a little more than any other colors available. You should always use mild cleaners and don’t scratch the surface ever.

Q – What’s so great about a farmhouse sink?

Ans – It’s mainly because of the massive size and looks. They look absolutely beautiful on any countertop and for the size, you can put all the dishes of a big household and all will fit easily.

How to clean a farmhouse sink

You can check online for getting a good farmhouse sink that fits your both taste and use cases. The front lip slightly protrudes from the top of the cabinet. This design adds special beauty to the overall cabinet countertop design.


Farmhouse sinks are popular for their distinct, classy looks. But a dirty sink ends all the beauty. If you take these simple steps, you can easily keep you sink in the best shape always. The tasks are easy and you need to have a little patience only.